The Fiery Furnaces
Thrill Jockey
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Gatefold sleeve
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1Intro 0:41
2Blueberry Boat 8:27
3Single Again 3:33
4Two Fat Feet 2:28
5Don't Dance Her Down 3:25
6Single Again (Reprise)2:03
7Wicker Whatnots 2:55
8Little Thatched Hut 4:12
9I'm In No Mood 2:59
10Black-Hearted Boy 2:38
11Bitter Tea 2:47
12Waiting To Know You 1:34
13Vietnamese Telephone Ministry 2:46
14Oh Sweet Woods 2:30
15Borneo 3:30
16Benton Harbor Blues 1:41
17Japanese Slippers 2:23
18Benton Harbor Blues (Reprise)1:03
19Whistle Rhapsody 1:52
20Crystal Clear 1:39
21Whistle Rhapsody (Reprise)1:15
22Teach Me Sweetheart 3:41
23Evergreen 1:37
24Bitter Tea (Reprise)1:30
25Chris Michaels 6:57
26Quay Cur 8:17
27My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found 2:52
28Spaniolated 2:01
29Name Game 2:27
30Birdie Brain 2:28
311917 3:11
32Slavin' Away (Intro)0:18
33Tropical Ice-land 3:29
34Asthma Attack 1:44
35Tropical Ice-land (Reprise)0:26
36The Wayward Granddaughter 4:38
37The Garfield El 1:48
38A Candymaker's Knife In My Handbag 1:08
39Forty-Eight Twenty-Three Twenty-Second St. 2:40
40Slavin' Away 2:58
41Seven Silver Curses 1:40
42Clear Signal From Cairo (Disc 1:37
43I'm Gonna Run 2:26
44Here Comes The Summer 3:15
45Chief Inspector Blancheflower 2:31
46Automatic Husband 1:38
47Ex-Guru 2:34
48Clear Signal From Cairo (Reprise)1:39
49Philadelphia Grand Jury 1:13
50Navy Nurse 0:59
51Uncle Charlie 2:16

Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed Thrill Jockey release Widow City, Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger, the sibling duo that makes up the core of The Fiery Furnaces, one of the most prolific bands in music, have put together a double CD / triple LP live album entitled Remember.

The Fiery Furnaces are one of the most unique experiences in live music. Remember captures the high energy, intricate complexity, amazing vocal acrobatics of Eleanor and the technical musicianship that defines a Fiery Furnaces performance. Collecting songs from their entire catalogue and performances across the globe starting in 2005, Remember is a unique document. The Fiery Furnaces reconstruct and re-arrange their songs for each tour. They go to great lengths to create versions that vary greatly from the recorded versions in tempo, instrumentation and arrangements. The band go through this process for each tour, never repeating themselves, and often combining songs in a musical collage that creates a new song made up of several - or even of bits of an entire album! These are not your mother’s medleys. We know of no other band that goes to such great lengths to reinvent and re-imagine for every tour. As a result, Remember is unique as a live record. More than two hours of music appears on Remember as it appears no place else. Featuring 51 tracks, Remember is issued as a double CD in a deluxe 6 panel digipack and includes a coupon to download a bonus song. The triple LP vinyl version comes in a custom made old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with a pasted in flap to hold the third LP.