Hannibal Chew IV
Loros Locos
Sinfon​í​as Destrozadas en Tenerife
Sucata Tapes
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1LaRevuelta de los Loros 30:00
2Una Isla Perdida 29:56

New album by Gonçalo F Cardoso's Hannibal Chew moniker.

Tenerife, 2054: The parrots of a local zoo inexplicably go mad, spreading a deadly virus that only affects humans. Unable to contain the disease, authorities were forced to isolate the island completely, sealing its fate in a perpetual quarantine.

Over time, the island transformed into a sanctuary for wildlife that now roams freely across its territories. Orcas and dolphins claimed the surrounding waters, while gorillas found their home in the mountains around Teide, once a popular tourist destination. The population of parrots and birds multiplied, filling the air with a cacophony of colours and sounds.

The remaining humans on the island adapted to their new reality, living in isolated communities and learning to survive in a world where they are the minority. Meanwhile, the virus continues its advance in the outside world, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction.