Tiago Sousa
Organic Music Tapes Vol. 2
Sucata Tapes
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Edition of 100 copies
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1For Such Paths I Long 10:42
2Gently The Shadow Withdraws 8:24
3Maar 8:23
4The Tone of One 10:49

As its now tradition we start the year with yet another fluid album from Portuguese pianist and composer Tiago Sousa.

Presenting now the second volume of his ongoing series »Organic Music Tapes«, Tiago now adds the electric organ to his trademark piano compositions, broadening his palette of sounds into an even more fluid and organic world with references to American minimalism of the 60’s, in particular Terry Riley and Steve Reich’s influence both looms heavily over these pieces

The piano still takes centre stage here but the organ opens both sides of the album like a statement of intention… the compositions take a nebulae type state, floating eternally over stars and planets, with their indefinite and indeterminate contours, never settling and never leaving.

Music as organic matter, like water, sand, stars or nebulae. Tiago translates complex patterns into transcendental experiences to our ears whilst cementing further his place as one of the most distinct voices to emerge out of the modern wellspring of piano driven minimalism.