West Mineral Ltd.
Edition of 200 copies
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1I would like the entire police force to die 0:30
2Xresinhitx 2:14
3Cruisin 0:40
4Wake up to the your life 0:47
5Excised Catheter 2:43
6Nug Suppository 1:17
7Binchy 1:21
8Smash his face to death 0:25
9Choking on your hair 3:30
10Wet Dank 1:08
11Neeeeeeeee 1:25
12I Eat Your Unfuckers 2:08
13vdl 1 1:38
14vdl 2 1:03
15tutyityu4 5:15
16vdl666000 (Live)2:02
17vdl66666000 (Live)2:09

Pontiac Streator, Ulla, exael and Special Guest DJ convene as virtualdemonlaxative for this unhinged West Mineral.

The only info bundled with this one-off grind-trash sesh from the West Mineral crew is “cybergrind, danger music, FTP”. Through hoarse coughs, toxic belches and searing digital noise we’re introduced to virtualdemonlaxative - a crude effigy with one foot firmly lodged in Napalm Death’s genre-defining “Scum” and a bloody stump cauterized in the smoldering ashes of John Wiese’s painfully underrated “Soft Punk”.

Arrhythmic blast beats collapse into digi-spliced howls, pre-COVID crowd hum echoes beneath anxious alien babbling, searing feedback wails to a disconcerting climax. If the rest of the West Mineral catalogue is simmered in psychedelic sensuality, virtualdemonlaxative is a rare antivenom; it’s the disquieted sativa to Pontiac Streator, Ulla, exael and Special Guest DJ’s undulating indica. We’ve been informed informally that ‘Cruisin’ (forty seconds long) was performed and recorded in a moving vehicle, almost causing a car accident. There’s a metaphor here, but we’re tired - listen loud and fxcking riot.