Pan Daijing
2LP (red)
Gatefold sleeve, obi strip, booklet & postcard w/ access to exclusive video documentation
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1Part I: A Raving Still
2Part II: A Found Lament
3Part III: A Tender Accent
4Part IV: A Deafening Hum

Pan Daijing’s exhibition-performance Tissues premiered in the Tanks at the Tate Modern in autumn 2019. A five-part immersion in performance, sound, movement, space, and most of all emotion in its most distilled and conflicted states, Tissues engaged with the conventions of opera and tragedy to present a searing representation of the embattled human psyche in space and time. While the ambitious multi-sensory artwork made use of the range of Daijing’s artistic capabilities, music, particularly the voice, was at its formal and emotional core. The vinyl and digital release of Tissues on PAN serves as a record of that work, in the form of an hour-long, studio-recorded audio excerpt: an invaluable archival document from Daijing’s practice.