Eric Andersen
Margrethe Fjorden
CD+DVD Box Set
R101CD / Includes Download Code
Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, 36-page pamphlet, red satin fabric

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1Stringendo 37:05
2Grave 8:20
3Vivace 3:28
4Adagietto 3:21
5Rilento 6:22
6A piacere 5:45

Recital presents its first ever video edition of »Margrethe Fjorden«. Produced in 1996 by Fluxus artist Eric Andersen, the citywide Intermedia event included performances from Alice Damas, Willem de Ridder, Larry Miller, and other artists from around the world. Inspired by the mysterious tale of Queen Margrethe the First (1353-1412), the multi-sensory event was comprised of three major themes: UNION, WOMAN, and FAITH.

Over 4 hours of video is presented, from a full organ concert held in the Roskilde Cathedral, replete with models on stilts and toy frogs hopping through the pews, to a helicopter »air ballet« dancing over the water at night. The whole town became the stage for the three performance evenings. The immersive handheld footage flows between the circus-like events, navigating the streets, spilling between events. A surreal home-movie quality.

The original press release reads: “MARGRETHE FJORDEN is everything; its near and far, quiet and violent. It smells, its wet, burning and at times foreign and disturbing. Often it feels secure and humorous. There will be live sheep, a child birth, a car crash, window-washers, wheelchairs and trekkers. People will unite and separate again. A world of conception where the audience enters another reality…”

Also included with the BluRay is a curated audio-CD with six elements from the videos, beginning with the entire Eric Andersen organ concert performed by Yuzuru Hiranaka, and ending with the "A piacere (Fog Drifts Across the Meadow)” by Ib Nørholm and Eric Andersen; a 100+ person choir positioned on the Roskilde Fjord with a solitary amplified flutist performing from a small boat.

Limited Edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered in printed box
. BluRay Video (4.5 hours, region-free), Audio CD (65 minutes), 36-page pamphlet, red satin fabric
. Digital download for audio & private links for streaming the videos online.