Antony Coppens
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Juice Records
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2Cona Fused
3Valley Of Praise
5Seventy Fiver
6Maxis Apparition
8Sign Of Life
9Postcards Feat Alyssa
10Ancient Eye
13Celestial Skipper

What started as an underground techno label in the early 90’s, Juice Records typified the head in the clouds ambition of the techno generation by both sound and action. Anything was possible and similar minds would be reached through the vinyl medium. By the mid 90’s, Juice Records established itself as a southern beacon to the techno and house music movement. … but many people would have little knowledge of where the label sits in todays music sphere. Juice Records, wether by choice or default have remained free from the uber industry of dance music but continue to represent with our Adelaide based music activities. What started as casual discussions about Antony’s studio activities with label owner, Donato, soon progressed to talk of an album. A couple of years and many iterations would follow till the vision was clear. Juice 020 highlights the musical existence that Antony commits too. It goes beyond the drum machine and synthesiser sounds the label would be known for and embraces a wider spectrum with use of a Yamaha baby grand, Fender Rhodes, Washburn bass and Yamaha Electone E-75. With a definitive genre hard to pin on the album, Juice 020 remains very much a traditional Juice Record. It is a clear example of what Adelaide happenings have been missed by the global industry while it plays with a techno formula that goes beyond our underground imaginings.