Turquoise Days
Further Strategies
Minimal Wave
2023 repress, gatefold sleeve
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1Grey Skies
3Blurred (Demo)
4Alternative Strategies
5French Film Backwards
6One Day
8Turning Blue
11Scattering Seeds
13European Mind
14Feed the flame
15Rayban Moment

Minimal Wave presents a full length double album entitled “Further Strategies” by synthpop band Turquoise Days. Hailing from Jersey, Channel Islands, Turquoise Days was formed in 1981 by Luciano Brambilla and David Le Breton shortly after meeting at a nightclub in St Ouens called Waves. They used Roland synthesizers and drum machines, as well Yamaha synthesizers and Fender guitars along with tape effects and vocals. Throughout the 1980s, they self-released many cassettes, as well as the renowned masterpiece Grey Skies / Blurred 7” single. They were selected for the Radio Luxembourg song contest in 1985 and received press for their releases and appearance there. Their music can be described as melodic, emotive new wave.

The music featured here includes the songs from the long sold out Alternative Strategies release from 2009, remastered, along with a a collection of previously unreleased material. The records are pressed on 160 gram black vinyl and come in a matte heavyweight gatefold jacket designed by Phil Yamada, featuring unpublished photographs of the the band inside the gatefold.