Plankton Wat
Thrill Jockey
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1Evening Sky 4:48
2Spirits 4:18
3Cape Meares 2:35
4Fabric of Life 4:01
5Broken Slumber 5:09
6Islands 6:11
7Orange Clouds 5:19
8Portland & Western Cross 4:15
9Vista 4:40
10Stream of Light 5:53

Plankton Wat is the solo guise of Dewey Mahood, known for his work in Eternal Tapestry, Gärden Söund (w/Barn Owl), Edibles, Bloodbiker, and Jackie-O Motherfucker. Spirits is Plankton Wat’s debut multi-format release, following an LP release on DNT and many sold out cassettes and CDrs on imprints such as Sloow Tapes, Digitalis, Blackest Rainbow, Sweat Lodge Guru and Stunned. Plankton Wat brings together Mahood’s many influences - kosmische drones, spiritual improvisation, burnt out psych, and sun baked folk.

"Spirits" creates a record of soaring exploration and raw beauty. The album is intended as a meditation on the Pacific Northwest environment - the dramatic landscape of the Cascades, high desert, rugged coastline, and ever changing sky. Recorded throughout 2011 on 4-track cassette in Mahood’s basement, Spirits traces a year of changing seasons, feelings, and emotions. Inspired by the “universal music” of Don Cherry and Alice Coltrane, the album uses a variety of instruments including electric and acoustic guitar, bass, hand drums (played by Dusty Dybvig (Edibles, Horse Feathers) on the title track), synthesizer, harmonium, banjo, cymbals, drum machine, and voice in a layered approach reminiscent of Sandy Bull and Brian Eno. Both a celebration of the magical possibilities of life, and a contemplative look into the darkness, Spirits creates a warm blanket of sound perfect for watching the sunset from a high coastal sand dune. Exotic and esoteric as the ancient city of Angkor Wat which Plankton Wat takes its name, this is future primitive music for mental escapism.