Long Twins
Everyone In Water
Hidden Harmony Recordings
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 500 copies, die-cut outer sleeve, printed & poly-lined inner sleeve, 180g vinyl
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1Present Man 3:16
2House Gloves 3:06
3Extra Fabric 3:02
4Walking and Working 3:14
5You are a Place 2:48
6Canned Mood 2:38
7Real Smoke 2:12
8Moving Plants Again 3:14
9Gas Thief 2:04
10They Are Ok 2:56
11Some Sort of Algae 1:09
12Swimming People 2:38
13Everyone in Water 2:33

In the movement itself, music makes us aware of the passing of time, always tracking toward itself like a clock. An album is an experience of sound; it can make us believe something imaginary - as if a flute can play itself. The recording becomes any interpretation of motion we want it to be.

Everyone in Water was written and performed by KV Hopper and Elizabeth LoPiccolo. KV is a musician and product designer living in Portland, OR. Elizabeth is a musician, film photographer, and performer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Everyone in Water began with modular synthesis at Portland’s Synth Library in the Fall of 2019. The Synth Library is a collectively run arts organization that supports the education and experimentation of diverse artist communities. Arranging sequencers, generators and filters resonated and inspired new exploration. Sounds evolved over a year as KV shared synth tapestries with Elizabeth in Brooklyn. Voice and flute melodies started to weave in and lyrical themes centered around the sense of place.

Walking & Working is about a ritual of returning home. Household Gloves is about a desire to share a home with someone you know but doesn’t know you. Moving Plants Again is about your home in favor of all living things.