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1Seismograf 4:24
2Ask 1:59
3Flood 3:36
4Syline 5:28
5Clavnt 4:53
6September 1:06
7Alen 1:59
8Valley 2:36
9Echo 3:36
10Alen Uen 3:43
11Foam 2:55
12Endett 5:53
13Versatz 2:07

In line with his recent body of work, Uwe Zahn bundled minimal compositions telling narratives situating in the melodic realm of ambient music. On first sight, it seems common that one can enter or construct such stories through the melodies these compositions offer. However, melodies never stand on their own – maybe only theoretically – but in fact truly reveal their magic through the sonical context they’re embedded in. To Zahn, a crucial part of his practice is all about this latter notion. Finding the sweet – and sometimes hidden – spots in sound-design that allow him to express the narratives he wants to share. ‘Seismograf’ could be seen as an ode to this exploration and devoted to the practice of listening - to hear sounds that are otherwise inaudible.

“i am like a seismometer for sound structures that are hidden deep under the surface. an ear on the ground, on the earth. the other ear listens to the sky, the birds, the clouds, the wind.” Arovane

Arovane is the moniker of German based composer and sound-designer Uwe Zahn who’s working in the field of minimal electronica and experimental music. In the late 1990’s his work reached a wider audience through releases on pivotal IDM labels DIN and City Centre Offices. In recent years, he released music on 12k and Puremagnetik and collaborated with Taylor Deupree, Porya Hatami and Synkro among others.