Sudan Archives
Natural Brown Prom Queen
Stones Throw
2LP (orange)
Gatefold sleeve
Gatefold sleeve
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1Home Maker
2NBPQ (Topless)
3Is This Real? (Can You Hear Yourself?))
5Selfish Soul
6Loyal (EDD)
9Copycat (Broken Notions)
10It's Already Done
12TDLY (Homegrown Land)
13Do Your Thing (Refreshing Springs)
15Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant)
16Milk Me
17Yellow Brick Road

Sudan Archives is a violinist and vocalist who writes, plays, and produces her own music. Drawing inspiration from Sudanese fiddlers, she is self-taught on the violin, and her unique songs also fold in elements of R&B, experimental electronic music, and beat-making.

Fittingly for a record named for a homecoming event, »Natural Brown Prom Queen« is all about home – both Sudan’s adopted hometown of L.A. and Cincinnati, where she was raised. The album takes in themes of race, womanhood, and the fiercely loyal, loving relationships at the heart of Sudan’s life with her family, friends and partner.

Whereas Sudan came up as a violinist and loop maker creating beats in her bedroom, on Natural Brown Prom Queen she worked with producers including MonoNeon, Simon on the Moon, Hi-Tek and Nosaj Thing, and invited her family members to contribute lyrics and vocals. Over 18 tracks spanning hip-hop, disco-influenced R&B, Afrocentric soul, and much more, Sudan gets into character as Britt, the girl next door from Cincinnati who drives around the city with the top down and shows up to high-school prom in a pink furry bikini with her thong hanging out her denim skirt. While Sudan is unafraid to be vulnerable, tender and open about her insecurities, the record is also about finding pleasure – after all, this is the artist who played violin upside-down on a pole in a music video. On Natural Brown Prom Queen, Sudan Archives invites you to join in and embrace that shared joy.