Stephan Mathieu
FrequencyLib / Sad Mac Studies
Umeboshi Records
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1Stars 0:57
2Day is young 1:20
3Andi 0:21
4Monkey 1:50
5Mrs. Moon 1:59
6Blue like you 0:31
7Snow 1:02
8Home in my shoes 1:23
9Vivement Dimanche! 1:26
10Clear Spot 0:59
11Eyes closed 1:22
12h Passage 0:54
13Bright above me 1:17
14Right Place 1:29
15Westend 0:59
16i Passage 1:53
17Für Frans 6:26
18Two Nights 4:06
19Happy Glow 2:04
20The Stomach Room 2:10
21Moments in love 1:23
22Tall like a tree 0:54
23Out of cigarettes 0:57
24Sad fast car 1:12
25Some of today 1:44
26Gut Nacht 2:42
27Blue (Sad Mac Studies) 5:40
28Densette (Sad Mac Studies) 3:05
29Pink (Sad Mac Studies) 3:48
30Orange (Sad Mac Studies) 3:57

Stephan Mathieu's »FrequencyLib« was originally released in 2001 on Mille Plateaux's Ritornell sublabel. A quintessential document of the late 1990s/early 2000s Pismo PowerBook era of digitally manipulated audio, »FrequencyLib« is an adept meditation on the entropic possibilities inherent in popular music. Included with this reissue is the complementary »Sad Mac Studies« EP - first issued in a run of 100 on Robert Meijer's boutique En/Of label. Exploring similar themes/processes as FrequencyLib, »Sad Mac Studies« reimagines and deconstructs the sonic world of Sesame Street.

Umeboshi is A new record label run by former Root Strata co-principal and Empire of Signs co-founder Maxwell August Croy. The umeboshi (梅干, pickled plum) is a staple of the Japanese diet. Among various effects, it's believed to have antibacterial properties, acts as an ageing suppressant and was a common inclusion in a samurai's field ration. Brined in acid, steeped in tradition, rendering life more digestible and not just bitter fruit.