Jocy De Oliveira
Raga Na Amazonia
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2O Contar De Uma Raga
3Raga Na Amazonia

This compilation contains excerpts from electroacoustic pieces written by Jocy de Oliveira between 1987 - 1993. None of the featured tracks have been released on vinyl before.

Jocy is considered a pioneer in avant-garde electroacoustic music in Brasil, also as a pianist, working with famous 20th-century musicians like Igor Stravinsky, Oliver Messiaen, Cláudio Santoro, Luciano Bério, John Cage, K. Stockhausen and Xenakis.

Her main musical tools are human voice, Yamaha TX and DX7 synthesizers, woodwind instruments, tablas, electric violin, and less traditional instruments from other cultures. In her pieces, Jocy talks about imagination, mythologies connected to the sacred feminine and contemporary physics cosmology.

Jocy plays synthesizers in all tracks and is accompanied by great musicians as Ayrton Pinto, Joseph Celli, Sang Won Park, Ricardo Rodrigues and Anna Maria Kieffer.

The LP comes with an insert with unseen photos and two texts, one by Jocy de Oliveira and other by the musician and researcher Paulo Beto.