Blader Hater
Kikimora Tapes
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1Blader Hater 6:46
2Numb's The Word (MDD Raw Cut)6:17
3Hearse Matters (Strahinja Arbutina Mix)5:38

For the first vinyl release from Toronto-based experimental techno label Kikimora Tapes, Unfollow presents a three track 12” mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

The A-side kicks things off with Unfollow & Mitchell Akiyama’s (Raster Noton) "Blader Hater" a lo-fi peak time banger that divides its impact between pure pummelling ecstasy and implied harmonics before dropping off into broken beats drowned in sheets of white noise.

On the flip, MDD (Measure Divide & Dolgener) pull the original goth house vibes of "Numb's The Word" out by the roots and replants them in a corroded industrial brown field. When the nascent melody does manage to break thru the rusty gravel it emerges with two heads in full toxic bloom. Measure Divide is Fahad Ahmad’s main project, Fahad runs the Format party series in Toronto and Martin Dolgener co-runs the label The Cast Project.

Strahinja Arbutina is a Croatian artist who has previously debuted on Entro Senestre's Bank Records NYC label and is also behind the Low Income Squad label. His remix turns the original upside down and empties its pockets as hissy guitar loops, lighters, slamming kicks, and spare change spill out on the operating room floor.