Limitless Frame
Motion Ward
2022 repress
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1Aware Of Something 1:22
2Look Or Look Away 1:22
3Both Feelings 1:00
4Chest Of Drawers 1:20
5Shelter 1:22
6Something Inside My Body 1:24
7Clearly The Memory 1:22
8Far Away 1:36
9Somewhere Else 1:12

The nine tracks of »Limitless Frame« are a continuation of the Philadelphia-based artist's textural soundscapes. It's her first full-length on Motion Ward. Ulla, who has also released as Ulla Anona and LOG (a collaborative project with Perila), released several albums last year including »Tumbling Towards A Wall«.

Ulla writes:

Being somewhere, while being somewhere else A place I look for in other places A moment on repeat I made this music as a way to hug myself