Meftah and Thomas Xu
Meeting Point
Meeting Point
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1Bells and thunder
2Bossa beat
3Meeting Point
4Morning Air

Bells and Thunder (20:39) A. Omar Meftah (Bells, Juno 106, Sp404, Fender Rhodes) Thomas Xu (Behringer Deepmind 6, Bells)

Bossa Beat (6:58) A. Omar Meftah (Juno 106, Auto Vari, and Space Echo) T. Xu (Rhodes, Auto Vari, and Space Echo)

Meeting Point (3:37) A. Omar Meftah (Sp404, Arrangement, and Rhodes) T. Xu (Behringer Deepmind 6)

Morning Air (1:13) A. Omar Meftah (Beatboxing, Juno106?) T. Xu (Beatbox Cymbal, Deepmind, Juno 106?)

Mixed & Mastered by Ponchartrain Performed by A. Omar Meftah and Thomas Xu Musha Publishing (BMI) and Water Ways Publishing (BMI)