His Name Is Alive
Return To Never
LP (color)
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Clear vinyl
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1Return To Never 4:39
2Lake Night 2:53
3Morning Machine 2:06
4Early Version 4:15
5Piano V 2:12
6To Remember 2:46
7My Thoughts Are To Thee Drawn 4:10
8Guitar Echo 3:05
9Forever Getting Lost 1:09
10Chords 0:36
11From The Night Tape 0:38
12Descending 1:47
13Last Thing Though Of 3:16
14Whitesnake 1:24
15Gone 1:53

RETURN TO NEVER - Home Recordings 1979 - 1986 Volume 2

Second volume in a trilogy exploring the teenage tape experimentation of Warren Defever aka His Name Is Alive. Echo-drenched guitar instrumentals, field recordings and gorgeous ambient tones pulsate through the analogue murk, also taking in dalliances with greyscale industrial drone, musique concrète and even a burst of 4-track noise pop reminiscent of the early work of The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Inner sleeve essay and interview once again by Mike McGonigal, the man behind Third Man’s recently launched Maggot Brain mag...