Still Und Dunkel
Hallow Ground
HG1906 / Includes Download Code
Incl. 64-page booklet
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1Lure 17:59
2Remote 5:11
3Seagull Night 10:10
4Hallway 5:59
5Flicker 7:02
6Colossus 4:30
7Rise 7:44
8Portal 6:30
9Dome 2:01
10Transient 10:54

Still Und Dunkel is the project of musician and visual artist Christoph Brünggel, film maker Benny Jaberg, and media artist Pascal Arnold. Their debut album Abandoned comprises ten compositions created for their audiovisual art live performances which draw on an ever-growing archive of moving images and sound recordings. The three artists started working together in 2011 and visited abandoned and hidden places at night or underground throughout the world to collect images and sounds. The trio documents and archives the transformative processes that these former symbols of civilisation have been undergoing since they had been deserted or forgotten -- that is, if they had ever before been accessible to the public in the first place.

"Abandoned" contains additional information on Still Und Dunkel, as well as artwork by Arnold and Jaberg, including a 64-page booklet with images from the project and its creation as well as an essay by writer Brian Dillon. All this makes it one of the most ambitious releases on the Hallow Ground to date.