MATstudio 3
Melody As Truth
Ltd. edition of 500 copies, transparent vinyl in a screen-printed PVC sleeve, incl. insert + MATstudio hologram sticker
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1Crushing Indifference 14:41
2An Inn For Those Not Permitted 15:43

3rd outing from Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft (SK U Kno) in their MATstudio series. MATstudio was born out of the working processes of our Amsterdam studio. Many hours are spent here experimenting with new methods, tools and ideas. This process allows us to continue developing our interests in merging multiple production techniques to create a personal language.

MATstudio works are collages of improvisations, experiments and accidents. Many of the fragments are the results of filtering our ideas through new production techniques and tools. Some feature friends and collaborators. MATstudio works are an ode to the infinite possibilities that result in keeping a curious mind and a desire to learn.