Asuna + Tomoyoshi Date + Federico Durand
In The Open
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Numbered edition of 150 copies, handprinted silkscreen artwork
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1In the forest on the hill of old castle. 3:36
2The pond of the water mirror garden. 6:47
3Gates and ramparts. 4:20
4Sweeping the leaves like a quiet wave. 5:00
5On the shore of the stray pond. 7:56
6The noon crescent is waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom. 1:41
7Down through the tunnel to the river. 6:29
8Lunch before farewell at the soba house. 3:38

More than five years after Federico Durand (12K, Spekk) released his solo record Adormidera through Dauw, the label announces his first collaborative full album together with Tomoyoshi Date (Home Normal, Baskaru) and Asuna Arashi (Faitiche, Home Normal): In the Open.

When Durand, Date and Arashi were touring together during the Spring of 2017 in Japan, they decided to visit the old city of Kanazawa. On one hand they wanted to wander through the streets, visit the castles and the gardens. On the other hand there was a longing for recording sessions together. This record is the result of the perfect middle ground: they did both simultaneously, accompanied by battery-powered keyboards, tiny instruments and a recorder. The track titles can be read as a story and are live recordings of that day.

In the Open combines the differential artistic practice of 3 musicians and results in 1 sonic reflection on both urban and natural elements the town of Kanazawa was depicting at that time. Not with words, but purely with sounds, this trio tried to give a glimpse of what their journey might have looked and sounded like. Even more, it’s a documentation of building friendships and long lasting ties of an increasingly integrating global ambient scene.

The album has been recorded on the 21th and 22th of March 2017 in Kanazawa City, Japan, and performed by Federico Durand, Tomoyoshi Date and Asuna Arashi.