Beate Bartel / Gudrun Gut
Instrumentals for Sirens
Moabit Musik
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1Beate Bartel – Mobilius 4:04
2Beate Bartel – Montreal Disco 4:58
3Beate Bartel – Shells & Bells 4:08
4Beate Bartel – Avant-Garde 4:05
5Beate Bartel – Valhalla 3:34
6Gudrun Gut – Do U Do 4:57
7Gudrun Gut – S-Bahn Schöneberg 4:56
8Gudrun Gut – Tegel 4:56
9Gudrun Gut – Get Down 5:06
10Gudrun Gut – Sailor Moon 3:38

"This is the first project they have worked on together for 25 years. And it sounds timeless."

25 YEARS LATER. BEATE BARTEL and GUDRUN GUT do share history. They were both part of "the first german Punk Band" MANIA D. - John Peel's "Queens of Noises". 1981 Beate continued with LIAISONS DANGEREUSES and Gudrun with MALARIA! - Then experimented in sound and visual arts and released three albums with Matador along with Manon P. Duursma. Now the mature ladies got together again - kind of. Both did 5 tracks for Myra Davies spoken word album "Sirens" (moabit21)- independently as solo artists and producers. Moabit Musik releases a very special vinyl edition: the Instrumentals for Sirens.

They both did new extended mixed which differ from the original recordings.

Beate and Gudrun have gone in different musical ways for 25 years but on this album this does not count. It seems time does not matter. Both sides stand on their own right but also belong together somehow.

GUDRUN GUT is known for her activities in the Berlin music scene since the 80s, with MALARIA! and recent solo work as well as collaborations with AGF (GREIE GUT FRAKTION) and Hans-Joachim Irmler (GUT UND IRMLER). Latest work: "Gudrun Gut: Vogelmixe - Heimatlieder aus Deutschland remixed".

BEATE BARTEL was a part of the experimental impulse that made its way into today's art world and museums. Growing up in West- Berlin, Beate Bartel's interest in sounds and noise made her a sound engineer and she became a founding member of bands like MANIA D., EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, LIAISONS DANGEREUSES and MATADOR with Gut & Duursma.

MYRA DAVIES: Sirens "Mischung”, the German version of the visual art term "Mashup”, describes this dynamic album of Word and Electronica. Myra Davies lyrics lean towards european culture through a lens of feminist authorship. But far from being an academic exercise, this is a Pandoras Box of biting Zeitgeist, past, present and future - propelled by beats, contrapuntal dynamics, broken rhymes, scraps from here and there, and fragments of great white deadmen. It is an acknowlegement, a connection and an affirmation of liberty to cut up any sacred cow. For Davies, clearly the personal is political and Art is even more so.

Davies & Gut have worked together since 1991 on several releases (DAVIES & GUT: MIASMA 1-3) and multi media performances. The last CD release was Myra Davies' CITIES & GIRLS, where BEATE BARTEL composed HANOI and was in parts performed together as part of "Paradiesisches Tor" at the Kulturbrauerei Berlin in 2011.

On SIRENS, Bartel and Gut have each contributed music for five tracks.