Sympathy Nervous
Plastic Love
Minimal Wave
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1Khahi Cloud
2Anatawa Suguni
3She Is Lunatic Machine
4Break In The Sunday
5Butoubyou No Syounen
6Quick Starttype
7Untitled 1
8Plastic Love

SYMPATHY NERVOUS is the project of Japanese artist YOSHIHUMI NIINUMA. Influenced by both classical and Krautrock, he began recording in 1979, and released several records on the highly coveted Vanity label. He continued to record and self-release much of his work throughout the 80s and 90s. His sound is intelligent and probably the most unique minimal synth to come out of Japan. Exploring dystopian themes, his music is well balanced and beautifully recorded. The Plastic Love album features songs Yosihumi Niinuma recorded between 1979-1980. These were originally recorded as studio demos and have never been released until now. The album is a follow up to Automaticism, which we released last year as benefit record to help Niinuma cope with the loss of his home and studio after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. Stylistically, these particular songs range from proto-techno tracks like “Anatawa Suguni” (1980) to post-punk ones like “Untitled 1” (1979) to a pure synthpop masterpiece from 1980 called “Butoubyou No Syounen” featuring his wife on vocals. The record will be printed in the same style as Automaticsm (on a heavy clear sleeve) and pressed on 180 gram white vinyl. Cover art by Gustavo Eandi.