Atelier du Mal
Noblesse Oblige
Mannequin Records
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1A promise 4:28
2Back to Taiwan 5:11
3Another kind of madness 4:16
4Waiting for someone 4:38
5Staticità 4:27
6Palau 4:01
7Marienbad 4:09
8Decadence 4:08
9Palau 2 5:12
10Someone's calling 6:13

Brilliant comet of the Italian New Wave scene, Atelier du Mal were formed in Florence in 1983 by Lapo Pistelli (synths, electronic drums), Iacopo Ficai Veltroni (bass, synth) and Ignazio Matteini (drum programming, percussions). Recorded in 1984, 'Noblesse Oblige' was the first and subsequently the only demo tape by the group, self-released using classic gear like Korg Ms-20, Roland Tr-606, Roland Tr-808, Roland Juno 60, Roland TB-303.

For fans of John Foxx, Tuxedomoon, Ultravox, Oppenheimer Analysis, Central Unit.