Bandhagens Musikförening
Nedgrävd i naturen
One Instrument
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1Nedgrävd i naturen (Roland System 100)4:29
2Mörkläggning (Yamaha DX-7)4:48
3Midnattsmanifest (Roland SH-101)5:17
4Cirkelskifte (Oberheim Matrix 6R)5:49
5Vitmossa (Waldorf Microwave)7:49

Behind Bandhagens Musikförening we find Michel Isorinne and Martin Sander. After their debut album on Northern Electronics they are now the protagonists of the 8th physical release on the label One Instrument.

The Swedish duo recorded the beautifully crafted five tracks at Bandhagen Airport in Sweden between 2017 and 2020.

Five tracks each made with one instrument with a clear preference for vintage synthesizers. We are brought through delicate sonic journeys made with the Roland System 100, a semi-modular synthesizer built between 1975 and 1979, the legendary first digital synthesizer Yamaha DX-7, the Roland SH-101, the Oberheim Matrix 6R and the Waldorf Microwave all four from the beloved 80’s.

Bandhagens Musikförening’s compositions are a radiant work of quiet minimalism and poetic deliberation. We are brought into an intergalactic hypnotic world where dreams are colored and vivid, where immersive electronics have the ability to create landscapes on your mind board.