Tujiko Noriko
Shojo Toshi+
Editions Mego
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Originally released in 2001 on Mego. This was Tujiko Noriko's first international release (after the limited Japan only release 'Make Up And Soldier'). The initial response was one of surprise that such a record could be released on Mego (at the time the label was pigeonholed as label dealing in 'laptop music', whatever that is). Despite this, the overall reaction was very positive, although Brainwashed's Jon Whitney decided to declare the whole thing as 'Bullshit bullshit BULLSHIT!!!' and that Noriko didn't actually exist. Well, sorry to break the news Jon, but she does. And has since made albums for Mego, Tomlab, Room40 as well as collaborations with Aoki Tokomasa, Port Radium, Lionel Fernandez, J plus performing her brilliant songs for french theatre group DACM and making a film ('Sand And Mini Hawaii').

‘Shojo Toshi’ contains some of Tujiko Noriko's most accomplished songs such as 'White Film', 'Machi No Kakera' and 'Differencia'. Beautifully abstracted pop songs and arrangements intertwined with shards and splinters of alienated sound, all building up to that voice. In places pure melancholy reigns, in others blistering beats come charging through the speakers. This reissued edition is skillfully re-mastered by Marcus Schmickler and is re-packaged in new artwork.