DJs Di Guetto
DJs Di Guetto
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1DJs Di Guetto & DJ Marfox – Drift Furioso 3:59
2DJs Di Guetto & DJ N.K. – Mete Chuva Muita Chuva 3:12
3DJs Di Guetto, DJ Jesse & DJ Nervoso – Estrago Terrível 5:07
4DJs Di Guetto & DJ N.K. – Não Chora Mais Não 5:25
5DJs Di Guetto & DJ Nervoso – Tapada 3:38
6DJs Di Guetto & DJ Fofuxo – Tarracho Do Guetto 4:11
7DJs Di Guetto & DJ Fofuxo – É África 5:04
8DJs Di Guetto & DJ Fofuxo – Isto É Kazu Bite 3:45
9DJs Di Guetto & DJ Jesse – Techno 5:36
10DJs Di Guetto & DJ N.K. – Estão A Dar Medo 3:39
11DJs Di Guetto & DJ Jesse – Pimp My Ragga 4:56
12DJs Di Guetto & DJ Nervoso – Tarracho Nervoso 4:20
13DJs Di Guetto, DJ Pausas & DJ Fofuxo – Tarracho Exxelentt 4:58

This was it. This IS it. A true Big Bang for the scene as we know it today, materia prima out of which Príncipe came to be. "Vol. 1" was originally dropped in September of 2006 (first day of school) by Marfox, N.K., Jesse, Pausas, Fofuxo and Nervoso, then collectively known as DJs Di Guetto. With maximum respect for Nervoso's previous (and fiery) path, this was the next level, introducing a new generation capable of improving upon standards and in turn inspiring a still younger generation famously represented by Piquenos DJs Do Guetto: Firmeza, Lilocox and Maboku.

The original compilation included 37 tracks, but we feel this selection of 13 perfectly captures spirit, sound and fierceness, a leap forward from straight kuduro and other crystallized styles that fed neighbourhood parties. Testing ground as well as tested ground, sureshot killers.

Direct transport to the outskirts of Lisbon and the afro-portuguese experience with a sense of purpose, a mission if you will, the certainty of being part of a highly regarded heritage, the vision of fresh forms and details to continue carrying the torch, a futuristic and real transcendence of life conditions and limitations.

Raw, uncompromising, respectful, true positive expression that branched out in all the beautiful ways we were blessed to be exposed to and later helped develop. Africa redesigned, repurposed in the bedroom and for the street, seeking to impress peers and make people happy in the dance. Not always understood and even marginalised within the more conservative-minded strands of the African music scene, this "guetto" style quickly became associated with trouble, even causing Nervoso (a few years older than the bunch) to suspend his DJ activities. There was a sense of danger in these grooves but maybe also of a type of freedom that was not merely artistic, a representation of the less glamorous aspects of the community.

With the crew's permission we reissued "Vol. 1" 10 years ago as a free download package. Now presented in its compact version, it reappears with its power of expression intact, a beacon indicating the future, never a museum piece, prefiguring all the forthcoming new music and new artists to be undisclosed as our catalogue expands. A quick but fundamental touch-base.