The Death Of Rave
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LP (color)
Edition of 300 copies,metallic screen-printed sleeve, neon orange vinyl, incl. locked groove
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2SHFTR CA#25 1:28
3SHFTR CA#28 0:30
4SHFTR CA#29 0:36
6SHFTR CA#48 1:18
7SHFTR CA#51 1:30
8SHFTR CA#53 2:01
9SHFTR # 1:45
10QVTrPERC2 0:59
11RLDGLD-compandedTAB5toned 1:52
12PTSone-r60subtree119c31tb 0:42
13PTSone-r60subtree119c31ta 0:59
14NYZ-1_QVC#17 2:12
15DRN1nightmareRecursion 29:51

The Death of Rave plate up the vinyl debut by NYZ; the cult, algorithmic/ generative music project of award-winning artist/scientist Dave Burraston (Bryen Telko, Noyzelab).

The A-side revolves 14 succinct blatz ranging from cranky percussive pieces to queered microtonal dissonance and SAW II-like atmospheres - notably including one track made on a Sequentix Cirklon sequencer and PreenFM2 synth gifted him by Richard D. James - while the B-side contains a steeply immersive spectral drone tract that (never) ends in a locked groove, especially cut at D&M, Berlin.

The results are wholly unique and speak to the endless, playfully experimental variation of NYZ’s art/research. They reveal visceral, alien microcosms of curdled microtonal tunings and proprioceptive chicanery bound to thrill and induce strange, new sensations in even the most hard-to-please fiend of electronic music. It’s strongly recommended to followers of Russell Haswell’s kaotic gnash, the mind-bending tunings of Aphex Twin, the visionary algorithmic scapes of Roland Kayn, and Eliane Radigue’s microtonal meditations.

In Dave’s own words: “SHFTR FRQ is a series of experimental studies into simple synth setups controlled by varying levels of generative complex systems [MANIAC cellular automata]. Recorded over the last 6 years on an ever changing hybrid of equipment encompassing the domains of modular & MIDI based microtonal sound synthesis [analogue & digital]. Setups were always ultra- minimalist, often with just the MANIAC cellular automata sequencer and 1 or 2 modules/synths to provide a consistent sensory focus. The studies range from ultra-short sequences, micro-ditties, investigatory motifs, to a full length high spectral drone meditation.

Dave Burraston has previously collaborated with Alan Lamb on recordings of a mile-long telephone wire in the Australian outback, and more recently he issued nearly a dozen NYZ tapes and CDs with some of the most crucial modern music labels, as well as a number of releases under the Noyzelab and Bryen Telko aliases. In 2014, Dave self-published ’SYROBONKERS!’, the most technical and in-depth interview ever given by Aphex Twin.