Jens Pauly & Stijn Hüwels
When The Night Ends
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1The Leaves Will Fade 12:00
2When The Day Ends 10:00
3The Trees Will Bloom 12:20
4When The Night Ends 9:20

When The Night Ends’ is the first collaborative release from Jens Pauly and Stijin Hüwels. The entire album was produced across two countries, Germany and the Belgium, as Jens and Stijn completed the work via a series of online exchanges.

Regardless of the distance between the two collaborators, Jens and Stijn seem to share a very intricate and natural bond, one that gave rise to a set of composition that seamlessly intertwine the sonic spectrum of both artists. Guitar strings, drones and field recordings effortlessly emerge, grow and disperse, as each composition introduces a new scenery of equally somber and rosy elements. This emotive interplay is a central thematic to the work and carries the album throughout its 4 longform works, resounding quietly they become the fabric of our thoughts, leaving us to ponder aimlessly, yet blissfully, amid nightfall and daybreak.