Ameel Brecht
Includes Instant Download
Blickwinkel 13 CS
Edition of 70 copies
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1Ebb-tide 6:35
2Play Dead 5:48
3Blue Season 4:26
4Deserter 6:48

'Ebb-tide' is the first release in an upcoming series of limited-run cassettes, focusing on Ameel Brecht's "sleep" compositions; music inspired by the vulnerability of sleep, by dream levels, Kleitman and the Wander Company, by sleep's alienation and by the time jungles in the dreaming part of us.

As a first CS, 'Ebb-tide' is about the hushed slow-motion waves of falling asleep, about the moment in-between waking and sleeping, when conscious life ebbs off, daytime rush meets nighttime drif and the world we see with open eyes meets the landscapes behind our eyelids.