Mike Majkowski
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1Spiral 19:32
2Later 20:00

I'm in it. The music on Coast doesn't beckon, it purely compels you closer through sheer insistence on its existence. insist in sist ins ist i nsist insist 'Spiral' presents full gorgeous tones, timbres and textures. Round throbs like the lighthouse spins of light, very orbic. orbic orb ic orbi c orbic 'Later' is distilled even further. It makes you stand up, announcing itself not with some cry or bang but with a style of momentum rarely encountered: inviting yet insistent. ins orb ist ic ent

  • Andrew Choate

Mike Majkowski is a double bassist / music-maker from Sydney, based in Berlin. Active across a wide range of experimental music since the early 2000s, he has released music with numerous projects. Coast is his twelfth solo recording.