Discovery Zone
Remote Control
Mansions And Millions
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1Nu Moon 2:22
2Dance II 4:31
3Come True 3:51
4Fall Apart 3:11
5Sophia Again 2:36
6Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody 2:46
7Remote Control 4:07
8Time Zone 4:26
9Come Slow 1:38
10Tru Nature 4:17

Ubiquitous copies define our world as much as marvels of innovation do; the keyboard preset and drum machine default have just as much claim to being the sound of cybernetic pop as the algorithmic virtual instrument and the AI songwriting tool.

On her solo debut as Discovery Zone, JJ Weihl lovingly reshapes these humble sonic elements (with assistance from producer ET and Fenster bandmate Lucas Ufo, a/k/a WORLD BRAIN) into a palette of chimes, chirps and shimmers. In her hands, the limitations of the default setting form the territory of an unbounded experimentation, from the system-notification synth funk of “Dance II” to the trance incantations of “Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody.” The result: Remote Control, a glowing, gorgeous meditation on our contradictory moment. In this moment, the wonder and terror we find in the process of discovery intertwine with the thrilling and threatening affordances of the technical instruments that increasingly fill our everyday lives. Here, where humanity and technics become so intermingled, we might call an object “such a simple machine” because it “breaks just like a heart.” (“Fall Apart.”)