Home Stories
Seil Records
Seil030LP / Includes Download Code
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1Translucent (with Jeremy Blake)4:41
2Home Stories 5:34
3Cold State 4:16
4Scatternoise 2:56
5Less and less 1:34
6Summer Shower 5:50
7Refraction 2:09
8What I know 5:47
9Metalik 6:28

Home Stories is Hainbach’s fourth release on Seil Records. It displays an uncompromising approach to sonic world building and explorative ambient music.

The majority of Home Stories was recorded in the Black Forest, the artist’s old home, but the album is far from a reflection on the past. It is about the changes this area has seen and more importantly, about transformation in general. As humans have always been changing the landscapes - for better or worse - Hainbach takes a tentative listen to what can be found in taking the well-known and changing it to the uncanny.

Thus the piano, that often serves as a compositional root sound and familiar element changes over the course of the tracks, is abstracted, re-synthesized, shaped into abstract forms and relocated to physically impossible places. The premise of this album is that transformation is possible. It frees the known to dare into the unknown.

Based out of Berlin, Germany, electro-acoustic music composer and performer Hainbach creates shifting audio landscapes, using esoteric synthesizers, nuclear test equipment, magnetic tape and a collection of idiophones. Hainbach has become known for his immersive live shows and an unique sound that is both abstract yet very much a corporal experience. Otherworldly and intimate, raw and heartfelt. On his wildly popular YouTube channel, Hainbach shares his love for experimental music techniques and his passion for forgotten machines with a wide audience. Inspiring over one hundred thousand each week to explore synthesis, electronics - and to leave beaten paths.