Gonçalo F Cardoso
Impressões De Uma Ilha (Unguja)
Edições CN
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2022 CD version
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1High Tides And Coral Chants 4:00
2Flutes + Cicadas Duet 5:00
3Radio Zanzibar Étude 1 2:15
4Ghost Crabs On Uhuru Beach (Low Tide) 4:30
5Dhow Sailing And The Sand Washing Fishermen Of Kizimkazi 5:00
6Radio Zanzibar Étude 2 7:28
7Old World Parrots Or The African Grey 3:48

A site-specific recording sporting a straightforward approach. An album of modern day exotica, yet Cardoso steers his vehicle easily aside the trapdoors and potholes. Combining found sounds, sparse playing and field recordings he creates a world that both invokes Treasure Island, and an essay on Exoticism. Indeed questions are raised. But especially emotions are shared. Sometimes Cardoso just registers (sounds), sometimes he alters and collages the material into new worlds.