Marc Barreca
The Sleeper Wakes
Scissor Tail Editions
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Edition of 500 copies. PLEASE NOTE: slightly dented covers!
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1The Sleeper Wakes
3Parliament of Birds
4Tempting Bridges
5Out Delphi
6Games with Shifting Mirrors
7League of Wind
9Night and the Compass
10The Blue Gate
11Beyond the Mounds

Marc Barreca's 1986 album "The Sleeper Wakes". Originally released on cassette by the Seattle electronic ambient label, Intrepid.

Marc Barreca has been creating and performing electronic music since the mid-1970s. His 1980 album, Twilight, reissued on vinyl in 2016, was one of the earliest releases on Palace Of Lights. Recent releases include Shadow Aesthetics (2018) and three collaborations with K. Leimer. Previous reissues include work on the acclaimed VOD box set American Cassette Culture, the Cherry Red compilation of seminal U.S. electronic music and the 1983 cassette, Music Works For Industry. His work is also included in the collection of The British Library."

The Sleeper Wakes has been out of print for many years and we are very happy to remaster and reissue this great work that was ahead of it's time, employing analog treatments of sampled sounds arranged in a very interesting and intuitive way.