Minimal Wave
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Limited edition hand-silkscreened 10” release of Schedelvreter (which loosely translates as “Skull Gobbler”), the Dutch side project of brilliant minimal synth pioneer Danny Bosten, best known for his project Das Ding. The seven tracks were originally recorded in Danny’s home studio and self-released on a cassette entitled Hunker via his Tear Apart Tapes label in 1985. The newly remastered 10” release will be out in late January, and will be limited to 999 hand-silkscreened numbered copies pressed on black medium weight vinyl. Unlike Das Ding, Schedelvreter is not pattern-based or sequenced, the synth sounds are hand played over a collage of found sounds. At the time, Danny was experimenting with a Crumar synth that was falling apart, and would sporadically create sounds that were like human voices. He created massive drum sounds by layering noise, using leftover four-track additions in reverse and some live drum recordings courtesy of his brother’s tapes. The end result feels narrative and filmic, like the sound track to an imaginary apocalyptic movie: bleak and desolate.