jamaszka FT
Dom Trojga
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1tajemnicza statuetka

Slowly but surely, the DT saga continues, and there could hardly be a more fitting way to start off its next chapter than with jamaszka FT’s untitled extended play offering. Conceived and executed entirely during lockdown rule, the record is a pointed expression of the angst and confusion that we all fell prey to – aimed at a dancefloor that was not to be, yet delivered with a gripping honesty that in itself offers consolation. Difficult to pinpoint stylistically, the music shifts from dense to sparse, with hazy un-rave anthems, hints of fourth-world minimalism and dreamscape ambience – all in keeping with the protean genius of jamaszka FT himself, who remains one of the most spontaneous, and idiosyncratic, if somewhat cryptic, artists that populate our scene. In keeping with this very aura, we had Mikołaj Moskal take care of the cover art – a distinctive stylist if there ever was one, his work constitutes a language of its own, traceable across his incredible output. Play this record to your friends and family and keep hope alive.