Three Queens In Mourning / Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Hello Sorrow / Hello Joy
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1Three Queens in Mourning - Stablemate 2:56
2Three Queens in Mourning - Christmas Time In the Mountains 1:15
3Three Queens in Mourning - Lost Blues 3:12
4Three Queens in Mourning - Madeleine - Mary 3:18
5Three Queens in Mourning - No More Workhouse Blues 3:13
6Three Queens in Mourning - No Such As I Want 3:23
7Three Queens in Mourning - I See A Darkness 3:44
8Three Queens in Mourning - Trudy Dies 3:23
9Three Queens in Mourning - Tonight's Decision 4:26
10Three Queens in Mourning - Darling 1:48
11Three Queens in Mourning - New Partner 3:38
12Three Queens in Mourning - Ohio Riverboat Song 3:16
13Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Coral & Tar 3:38
14Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Coward's Song 2:53
15Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Dead Man's Island 3:24
16Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Wild Dandelion Rose 2:46

Three Queens In Mourning first gathered in summit to sing celebration of the publication of Will Oldham’s book of collected lyrics, Songs of Love and Horror. Alasdair Roberts (Appendix Out) , Jill O’ Sullivan (Jill Lorean), and Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Alex Rex) each arrived provisioned with a small armful of selections nearest and dearest from Bonnie Prince Oldham’s far-reaching catalogue. On this back to back records, The Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy LP is a collection of three cover versions from Ali, Jill and Alex directory and one original track.