Cabaret Voltaire
1974 - 1976
Mute Records
2LP (color)
CABS15 / Includes Download Code
Orange vinyl, gatefold sleeve
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1The Dada Man
3A Sunday Night in Biot
4In Quest of the Unusual
5Do the Snake
6Fade Crisis
7Doubled Delivery
8Venusian Animals
9The Outer Limits
10She Loved You

"If you’re talkin’ performance-focused Dadaist industrial (and I know you are), then you have to be talkin’ Cabaret Voltaire. And if you’re talkin’ Cabaret Voltaire (which you should be, assuming my previously explained logic holds), then you have to be talkin’ about what they have in those dang ol’ vaults! You know, the ones with all the old rarities, maybe a live album or two…

You can see where I’m going with this: Cabaret Voltaire have dived into those vaults like a Swiss-avant-garde-inspired Scrooge McDuck and resurfaced with two archival releases, including the first ever vinyl issue of their 1980 compilation 1974-76 and the first official release of their soundtrack to Babeth Mondini’s 1979 film Chance Versus Causality. Both arrive August 30 through Mute."

1974-76 compiles music from the group’s early years recorded on reel-to-reel tape. It first saw release on cassette in 1980 through Industrial Records and was reissued on CD in 1992 via The Grey Area of Mute."