Animal Territory / Brenner
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strike_095 ep
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1Animal Territory 4:18
2Animal Territory (Instrumental)4:21
3Brenner 4:25
4Brenner (Instrumental)4:18

In his best shape, Marco Haas aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE introduces the second 12" chapter of his upcoming album "I TANK U" (strike 96, sept. 2008) by releasing "ANIMAL TERRITORY/BRENNER"! After his grande techno instrumental EP „E" (strike 92) this 12" features the PUPPETMASTAZ and DEICHKIND w/ THE CRACK WHORE SOCIETY as debuting guest vocalists for the man behind monster wheels. No co-op could surprise more - or fit better.

„ANIMAL TERRITORY“ side: This track presents the alien animal crew PUPPETMASTAZ on a heavy rock synth beat. "Desire... Fever... Fire... Screaming... Kicking..."!! The Puppetmastaz create a wonderful out-of-this-world feeling. The Wild Life possing up with T.RAUMSCHMIERE fullfills a heartful and brute attitute that hit far beyond styles and gernes. RapTechRock as classical defjam link between BEASTIE BOYS and RUN DMC.

„BRENNER“ side: "BRENNER" fits perfectly as another killer track from "I TANK U" and takes another deep step into the rap history of tomorrow. The clear techno beat involves a yet known great way of synthsounding music progression by the unlimited berlin producer and backs up german rap kings DEICHKIND together with Marco Haas´ punkrock band THE CRACK WHORE SOCIETY. "BRENNER" (engl. burner) tells a story of a burnout party feeling with no return. A deeper understanding of T.RAUMSCHMIERE´s mu-sick-al life, something wonderful and dangerous: feeling alive.