Dylan Henner
You Always Will Be
AD 93
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1A New Living Being Opens Its Eyes For The First Time 4:44
2Everyone I've Ever Loved Lives Here Together 3:46
3Today I Learned What Makes Bugs Sick And How To Tie My ... 2:29
4We're So Young That We'll Never Grow Old 5:04
5The World Moves Quicker Than I Had Ever Realised And.... 5:00
6With Her First Ever Steps She Walked To Me And She Was ... 2:31
7Today I Taught Them How To How To Skip Stones Across ... 3:12
8These Photos Of My Children Make Me Want To Climb Into the Frame 3:31
9My Heart Is Sowing Down and Soon It Will Have To Stop 3:41
10I Hope I Will Be Rememebered As A Good Person 7:21

The follow up to 2020's well received »The Invention of the Human«, the new record touches on themes of nostalgia & longing for times passed; innocence yielding hardships and vice versa; ageing; the soul; life changes; parents and children; loss; love.

The vinyl release consists of a ~ 40 min piece split across two sides, while the digital release features extended versions of the music in that piece, making up 10 individual tracks.