Birds On The Playground
Mule Musiq
Mule Musiq 267
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1Grazing Light
2Drunken Cats
4Highland Spores
5I Forgot The Title
6Yufuin No Mori
8An Evening At Studio Mule
9Donkey's Dream

DJ, Producer and Dial Records co-owner Lawrence produced his fourth album for Mule Musiq. On this album, Lawrence imagines a bar that Mule Musiq's Toshiya Kawasaki recently opened in Shibuya, Tokyo. “Toshiya's (...) bar was the inspiration for the project. I followed the idea of listening to music in this (for me imaginary) place, slightly drunk with a special drink in my hand. The music is therefore also very eccentric and “tipsy”, improvised on acoustic instruments, synthesizers and computer, combined with recordings i did in Berlin's central Tiergarten.” Birds on the playground features deep pulsating music & playful cosmic grooves. Sometimes its arpeggiated melodies recalls the music of Roedielus. other sec-onds they display a jazzy spiritual character and drift into meditative areas, that sound to a degree like long forgotten japanese folk music spheres.