King Tubby
King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 1
Radiation Records
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1Traditional Dub
2Excellent Dub
3Exclusive Dub
4First Class Dub
5Distinctive Dub
6Unique Dub
7Characteristic Dub
8High Quality Dub
9Exceptional Dub
10Professional Dub
11Intellectual Dub
12Expert Dub
13Executive Dub

It's impossible to think about 'dub' without thinking about the late Osbourne Ruddock - the great King Tubby, the singular most creative human being of the great many who've plied their trade behind a mixing desk in the name of reggae since the early 1970s. Dub may well have existed before Tubbs raised its profile to almost unimaginable heights, and it has continued to exist in the 21 years since he was senselessly slain in 1989.