Pontiac Streator
Motion Ward
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1Cum Angelus
2Post Los
3Triz Cohors Pt. 3
4Lamp Fest
5Angelus Spit ft. Mister Water Wet
6Transier Unt
7Om Ne Ud
8Trizlang Gem ft. Ulla
9Stuck In A Cave

I’m stuck in a cave, what’s happening?

The Philadelphia ambient and experimental electronic producer Pontiac Streator is part of a tight-knit crew of producers embracing ambient house & experimental dance floor-adjacent genres. He has released two solo records and two collaborative releases made with Ulla.

Those seeking more aggro material from the crew should check out the new LP from virtualdemonlaxative, a supergroup featuring Pontiac Streator, Ulla, Exael and Motion Ward alumnus Special Guest DJ AKA uon. virtualdemonlaxative's self-titled LP, described as a mix of grindcore, metal and electronics, is out on Huerco S.'s West Mineral Ltd.