Various Artists
The Brutality Of Rhythm - Part.1
Mecanica Records
Edition of 500 copies, incl. printed inners
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1Sigbefia Five - Behind The Garden
2Sigbefia Five - Digital And Unmask
3Institute For The Criminally Insane - FireIce
4Institute For The Criminally Insane - Rip Cristo
5Lights of Euphoria - Subjection (Violent Mix)
6Lights of Euphoria - Deal In Sex (Protection Mix)
7Birmingham 6 - Israel (Razormaid Mix)
8Birmingham 6 - Sweet 17
9Kevorkian Death Cycle - Veal
10Kevorkian Death Cycle - Discipline
11Fiction 8 - In The Dark (Remix)
12Fiction 8 - Break The Line (Demo Version)
13Sleepwalk - Your Decision
14Sleepwalk - Timebomb
15Brigade Werther - Killbeat
16Brigade Werther – Technologie

“The Brutality Of Rhythm” is a compilation series focused to rescue EBM-electro-industrial jewels from the 90’s. On the first installment have been included some hits, remixes and rare tracks by Sigbefia Five (Germany), Institute For The Criminally Insane (Denmark), Lights of Euphoria (Germany), Birmingham 6 (Denmark), Kevorkian Death Cycle (USA), Fiction 8 (USA), Sleepwalk (Germany) and Brigade Werther (Germany). 100% Aggrepo for your Body Mechanic!