Planet Mu
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1First Overture (Spiritual Atom)
3Carbon 12
4Unorthodox Elements
5Anamnesis, Pt 1
6The Abyss Of Doubt
8First Interlude (Absence Of Measure)
11Anamnesis, Pt 2
12Blue i
13Second Interlude (The Choosing)

By now, the story of how Jlin went from working in a steel factory in Gary, Indiana to being one of the most widely appreciated electronic musicians is well known. "Black Origami" was one of the most reviewed and lauded albums last year. Seriously prolific and seriously hard-working, she has toured constantly since its May 2017 release. Here we are over a year later with "Autobiography," the score for her collaboration with renowned British choreographer Wayne McGregor arranged by Unsound. This isn't technically her third album (that's due to arrive in 2019 or 2020), but the soundtrack stands up on its own with all the emotional peaks and troughs of a well-sequenced longplayer. "Autobiography" is a highlight in an evolving and growing career. During the last year, Jlin has also become an in-demand remixer, securing her place among a roster of music heavyweights. Unsurprisingly, given her positive and outgoing nature, she also developed friendships with the artists she has remixed such as Björk, Max Richter and Ben Frost. Jlin will be touring with Company Wayne McGregor performing "Autobiography" in addition to completing a commission for the Kronos Quartet titled "Little Black Book."