Shabazz Palaces
Exotic Birds of Prey
Sub Pop
LP (clear white)
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1Exotic BOP (feat Purple Tape Nate)
2Angela (feat Stas THEE Boss & Irene Barber)
3Myths Of The Occult (feat Japreme Magnetic)
4Goat Me (feat Cobra Coil)
5Well Known Nobody (feat OCnotes)
6Synth Dirt
7Take Me To Your Leader (feat Lavarr The Starr)

Shabazz Palaces’ »Exotic Birds of Prey« is his new seven-song mini album and the follow-up to »Robed in Rareness,« his well-received album from October 2023.

NPR Music called Robed »Enchanting and subversive…« while Pitchfork offered this, »The futurism of Shabazz Palaces has always been interwoven with the past and present, their songs scintillating tapestries of old-school shit talk, proggy psychedelia, and melodic flossing«.

Shabazz Palaces is masterminded by vocalist and producer Ismael Butler, whose unstinting drive to reimagine hip-hop – even as he enjoys his fifth decade on Earth – remains undimmed.

»Exotic Birds of Prey« furthers the modus operandi of its predecessor – a respectful eye on the past, an embrace of an ever-evolving present, and its feet are firmly planted in the future. Where Robed… warped sounds like shoegaze and ambient music into the Shabazz Palaces multiverse, Exotic… cross-pollinates these elements with twisted electro and funk vibes.