Change Is Bad
Born Yesterday Records
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1Ceiling 2:22
2Invisible Wall 3:28
3Era 2:13
4Dimed 2:16
5Bug Song 3:07
6Plank II 2:10
7Change Is Bad 1:15
8Wrong Question 2:14
9Plank I 3:04
10Anniversary 4:09
11Bells 2:53

Stuck is a post-punk band for people who think the genre is predictable. On their debut album, Change Is Bad, the Chicago quartet strive for musical dissonance and lyrical vulnerability, a combination that’s deeply cathartic for the band and for listeners alike.

Equal parts atonal and contagious, Change Is Bad is caught in a cycle of time, grief, and transition, and Stuck are hitting the walls trying to stop it from spiraling out of control. To confront it, the band drew from a wide range of influences—Omni, Shellac, Landowner, video game glitches, speedrunning, and sci-fi book series Three Body Problems—that aren’t just namechecks. They’re influences you can actually hear in the music. Interweaving guitars on “Plank II” move gracefully despite their sharp edges. “Bells” barrels through machine gun drumming that never ceases fire. Wiry guitars duel for the spotlight on “Wrong Question” like they’re fighting for their lives. There’s a momentum and insight to it all that keeps you invested until the very end.