Dan Deacon
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1Build Voice 5:28
2Red F 4:38
3Snookered 8:04
4Of The Mountains 7:16
5Surprise Stefani 7:46
6Wet Wings 2:53
7Woof Woof 4:44
8Slow With Horns / Run For Your Life 6:35
9Baltihorse 6:22
10Get Older 6:30

"It’s different, there’s much less computer and a lot more live instruments (marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, live drummers, player piano, etc) so the sound is a lot more rich. It was recorded to tape with many analogue synths so the sound is not as plasticy… its probably a little more dance at times too but also more intense, varied, serious… the tracks are meant to be listened to as a whole to get the complete experience. Much of BROMST is a story about becoming a ghost, cycles of the earth, mountains, getting older, change, nonlinear time, bees, global conspiracy/oppersion of the spirit, 2012, and a psychedelic realm that coexists amongst our material plain. A lot has changed since Spiderman - Wham City getting shut down, heartbreak, becoming more spiritual, bullshit like that – so I’d say Bromst has a wider range of emotion and direction than the previous album". Dan Deacon