Laurel Halo
In Situ
Honest Jons
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1Situation 4:29
2Leaves 3:19
3Nebenwirkungen 5:01
4Drift 5:03
5Nah 3:50
6Shake 4:06
7Nimrud 1:41
8Focus I 8:24

Spherical collections of stars form around black holes in situ; that is, locally to their cosmic neighbourhoods. It is said that future space colonization will rely on sourcing supplies in situ. Construction in situ uses raw materials at the site: colossal sculptures such as Naqsh-e Rustam, the Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Rushmore were built in this fashion. Wild, organic machine grooves, with a mind’s eye on naked treetops and an early sunset. Melody breathes out from dubwise fx, percussion by turns sinewy and floating, sub blasts and stripped synth arrangements. Keys on air. Spacious, witty, melancholic, deadly.